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Where I obtained this Wisdom

Kahuna Massage evolves, in my experience is it evolves through intention. Intention determines your experience.

Keeper of Balance 

My official Kahuna massage training began in 1992 when Kahuna massage training in Australia was in its infancy. The training was rigorous, as Kahuna training is meant to be.

Moon and tide energies and Natural Law.

We dined by the moon and tides energies, food menu selection was dependant on the tides. This was our beginning of connecting to Kahuna living. Food determines how you connect with your day and the energies of the day because the food apart from the nutritional value is also the energy. Chatter was discouraged and even forbidden while pure awareness began to flower.

Moving as one (as family) is the key to Hawaiian living.

Keeper of Balance

The Kahuna technique itself begins with the Kahuna masters ability to connect with their own body .

The best part of the Kahuna Massage is that your body almost goes through a metamorphosis.

Choosing Kahuna massage beyond the Hawaiian technique in this case is essential. Kahuna Massage accessed deepest emotions therefore your therapist have vast life experienced and profound knowledge in order to guide the clients to feelings that are buried deep beneath reaction for appropriate connection that assists new energies to travel unrestricted. Energy is be felt throughout the whole body, so as not to trap it. If it is trapped then it becomes purely reactive, thereby making that useless taking you away from healing. Key is to recognise the trap and move through.


Keeper of Balance

Unrestrained; the blockages begin to clear.
 The aches and pains literally (at times) can be felt pouring out of the body mind and spirit. Kahuna Massage works on all these levels evolving both the give and receiver to greater awareness.

About Kundalini energy, we often hear about it yet no one really seems to know.

Keeper of Balance

It is a feeling sensuality throughout the whole body, that raises the Kundalini which is the healing energy. Kundalini energy is the most powerful energy in your body that transforms - it is in every cell of your body. Yet mostly we only hear about it in relation to sex these days. When this powerful energy is used as a sex tool it becomes destructive. Never ever confuse a sex service with a healing service. Know now that choice that comes with full knowing, now that you are aware of what that energy is.

My Kahuna name is Kalahney, the information you are about to receive shall affect you positively in every area of your life. Kahuna massage is intended to have you feeling more connected to that tender part of you that heals.

So What is Kahuna is it just a massage person, is it just another style of massage? 

Keeper of Balance

It is a major event in itself as that raises the receivers consciousness blend the a over with what is below. Merging of body mind Spirit Soul with universal knowledge It is an initiation a right of passage, connecting the earth energy with the sky. Leaders of the community were massaged for many weeks at a time 24 hours a day while an unskilled worker received for approximately 4 hours; as part of their initiation. For the leaders of community the Kahuna massage was their passage of rites so to better their position of responsibility and caring for themselves and their community.

Typically no Kahuna would work in a health spa, due to time constraints imposed on the therapist and the environment. Kahuna is beyond restraints imposed by time as the body mind and spirit unravel. There must be a private personal space for the person to reach their level of inner connection.

Sacred Connection.

Keeper of Balance

Kahuna Massage is a sacred massage that was performed in the Hawaiian Temples with the receiver on an altar. Surrounded by live drumming, it is an event a journey. With such a powerful ambience the receiver experienced primal profound awakening of deep feelings and connection.

What is Kahuna Knowledge?

Keeper of Balance

At KalahneyHuna you are on a massage table to the sound of Hawaiian music that embraces you and flows through you nourishing each and every cell of your body. Kahuna Massage is a journey and exploration of absolute love through massage in a way you could never imagine.

One of the key differences between a traditional Western massage and a Kahuna massage is that the massage strokes are continuous, flowing movements, almost like a dance and the therapist breathes continuously.

Kalahney uses the hula hip vibration of her body to facilitate the removal of resistance, stress, discomfort and pain from the clients body. The hula dance is the foundation of Kahuna massage, this was created by Abraham when he began to introduce Kahuna to non Hawaiian's. He found that his students were not in their bodies, Kahuna is deeply grounded, it is from the earth that we become aware of our very nature.


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“Imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace. A smorgasbord of emotions had welled up from within me and I had permission to release it and with it, more

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