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About Kalahney

Know who touches you, as how ever they express and respond to their life’s gifts and challenges is the quality that vibrates into your body mind and emotions.

“Healthy is very appealing”

I have vast experience in the corporate world, health resorts, and prior to that as project coordinator and business manager. My unique combination of lifestyle Mentoring and Kahuna approaches mean that I provide a service that is a complete package.

Kalahney works with the nature of your being. No more self defence. When you allow your shift -you begin to understand other energies.


About KalahneyHawaiian cultures work with spirits of nature and their ancestors. Kalahney, from childhood had the ability to tap into these sacred universal laws.

This is physical body and energy flowing - no muscle involved. Kalahney was trained through personal interactions with events and tens of thousands of clients. Traditionally Kahuna masters were trained only through direct experience of listening to nature speak. Within Nature are spirits.  All indigenous cultures work with spirits of nature and their ancestors.Their ancestors have a role on this planet as well.

For best practices it's vital we know about the person who claims connection to Kahuna wisdom. The most valuable foundation of Kahuna is the ability to connect with the spirit energies. But the most powerful aspect of this is their ability to integrate this energy into the life on earth. We all know there is spirit beyond physical life. The mark of a master is their ability to bring the wisdom to physical actuality. Value of communicating with spirit is recognised when that communication benefits the earth plane. When the earth plane benefits; the spirit world benefits. The spirit world connection at this level is the definable aspect about Kalahney. What sets Kalahney apart from generic idea of Kahuna is her life as a project coordinator and interior designer. Her vast experience in business and the responsibility of completing these projects in every detail is incorporated in different level of awareness

About KalahneyUnique aspect about Kalahney is that;

her clients consistently share with her the feelings of a spirit massaging them.

Kalahney trained with the most insightful people throughout the world. Healing is not confined to just dealing with problems or balancing the body. Healing must be accompanied by life skill. These life skills are at the very core of healing. When you participate in life differently; you cells adjust to your new path. Kalahney had access to this knowledge through Ancestral memory. This ancestral memory was activated and revealed to with every event she participated in. Then she entered the arena of healing. It is there by observing her clients that she discovered her specific abilities to connect with spirits. Her spirit team seamed to access her clients.


About KalahneyIt's possible that you own soul and spirit are the caressing. Your senses are so keen that you begin to feel spirit energies that are very likely your own spirit and soul. 
Their direct contact with the clients was where their Kahuna principals revealed themselves. Kalahney found herself to be the conduit for these ancient healing spirits. This was continually acknowledged by the clients. When she reviewed the session with her people they revealed their personal intimate experience within these sessions. These experiences are featured throughout the website. In this photo you can see actual energy beings embracing her.  If you look closely and imagine a spirit holding an

d caressing her arm. Now notice how all limbs appear to be supported. She is in pure bliss as she is cradled by pure energy. Most profound elements about Kalahney and how she works is through communication with spiritual beings. These beings are sometimes referred to as Aumakua meaning guardian angels or higher selves. Kalahney has often felt that at times it can be even your own soul or your own spirit caressing your body as it enters deeper into you.

About Kalahney Somespirit beings "awaiky" are the link between man and God.

They arehealing angels who act as conduit for the healing energies that flow through the healer to the receiver.

Know that there is a power beyond the limited mind of the tribal mind set.

Some spiritual beings in Hawaii are referred to as awaiky. They are the link between man and God. As healing angels they assist in flow of divine healing power thorough the healer to their patient.

Anything that does not grow dies. We have a lot of seriously dead people completely uninterested in depths of exploration of experiences. There is a notion that all Kahuna is the same with some adaption by individual persons. This is a complete fallacy. Every authentic Kahuna will only work with a person who is highly receptive to respecting the Kahuna as one would any high level being. They must also understand that generic Kahuna training has absolutely no relationship to true Kahuna essences. Initial Kahuna training's in some Kahuna schools is used to assess the perspective student. I do wish they would not use the word Kahuna on their accreditation. I view Kahuna training on same platform as a surgeon. You would not let them operate on basic medical training. This is how deep I consider Kahuna master to be. We are working on all levels of life as a Kahuna master. It deserves the respect and dedication. Kalahney finds your uniqueness. This uniqueness is your Alchemy. It's your code that opens the secrets to your inner being who wants to explore it's highest potential. 

  • She sought out only the most respected of healers and business people who understand universal energies. These are featured within this video. 
  • In this next video Kahuna masters speak.

Under no circumstances is it an anything goes therapy. Spirit is expecting you to hear it when you participate in any level of spirituality. When you pretend or ignore it - there are consequences. Because you cannot see them or unaware of them does not mean you are not affected.

What you ignore does still hurt you. People have become arrogant and flippant with nature of spirituality. Fast track accreditation are providing false sense of security.

About KalahneyKalahney has also worked in most prestigious health retreats.

She and has trained extensively in Internationally in the healing arts. Now having worked successfully with tens of thousands of clients.

This video sets the foundation of our appointment.

Rarely do you have an opportunity to address every aspect of your life on this level simultaneously. 

This is in vast contrast to most healing therapies including ones that promote spiritual healing. Almost all other therapies in my experience break you up into categories. Each category is treated independently from the rest of the body. Very few scientists, doctors or surgeons consider patients entire life. Some courageous scientist have stepped outside the safety of their honoured profession and embraced ancient knowledge.

-- Kalahney

A Kahuna is a man or woman that connects with the spirit of whatever or whoever they touch or communicate with.  

  • Kalahney researched the origins of Kahuna wisdom. 
  • Her research further confirmed that any genuine healing comes from the Natural Law and that one must develop that awareness if you are to become a Kahuna. 

Kalahney has been deeply connected to Shamanism. She has also worked in most prestigious health retreats in Australia and has trained extensively overseas in the healing arts.

Attention to Detail.

  • Prior to that she was key designer for private company where they were commissioned for specific projects no pedestrian traffic. 
  • As a small team, they completed and collaborated on millions of dollars of projects every month. 
  • Kalahney links this special attitude to everything she does; in particular to your life and your body connection. 
  • With that background, naturally Kalahney researched deeply into Kahuna Living and training and it's deep history. 
  • Kahuna is one who links their knowledge and life experience to assist you in understanding your unique spirit force. 
  • With Kalahney's life experience in business, sales marketing and healing she is able to link the spirit of all these energies. 

Business also has it's own unique spirit energy.

Air has it's own spirit energies as does water and every element in this entire universe. Indigenous cultures have always embraced spirit energies linking these spirits to the physical form.

Kalahney body reading.  

About KalahneyShe, like many gifted people in their field has had some remarkable mentors, people like, Jim Rohn, J Krishnamurti, Anthony Robbins, Dr Sir John Whitman Ray and Aajonus (Aajonus gives Kalahney body reading, this is something only the most dedicated healers are capable of doing on this level of health assessment in the healing field. 

Kalahney's personal experience is expressed in these words;.

"There is no greater healer than the life you live and choices you make. I make a point of being around people who inspire me to live the best life possible have everything I have ever dreamed of and experience every aspect of me. Everyone of us are born to live the best life possible".

-- -- KalahneyKeeper of Balance

Choosing your mentors wisely ensures you make valuable contributions to people's lives.   
Life Experience is everything; Kalahney was born into this shamanic journey. Training was unconventional.Keeper of Balance  
  • Kalahney has not always been in this profession, (her official healing profession began in 1989). 
  • With a background in project co-ordination, site inspections, Sales and marketing. 
  • Often working with millions of dollars worth of projects weekly. 
  • Personally responsible for delivery of finished projects to specification and on time every time. 
  • No room for error. 
  • She is great support for you in every area of your life. 

When we have personal challenges we often seek massage.

Only when the person massaging you can be there for you with no small talk (the way of authentic Sharman) this supports you entire being in healing and clarity.