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Why we explore your connection with your soul.

Keeper of Balance

To explore the loving feelings flowing through the body, discover what this feels like. However, that is not enough, unless your therapist is aware Longer to explore the loving feelings flowing through the bodyof the dark side; they cannot do anything for you. Our body is like computer programming and IT training; the student knows how to hack a website in order to prevent the hacking attacks. If you do not know the dangers; you place yourself in danger of ignoring the obvious.

For private appointments just 1 to 2 appointments per day are scheduled.

We as people have been conditioned not to feel from before we even were born.

Keeper of Balance

Remember; it takes minimum ten years to become a Kahuna Master.

Keeper of Balance

This is longer than any other professional training. It's not about having the same day for ten years. In that 10years every minute the Kahuna is evolving along with the events around him/her. So was being mindful of protection from unwanted threats. Much like your computer firewall and other security filters.

A real Kahuna would recommend 'besides massage', nutrition, herbs, certain exercises, perhaps even some vocal body toning specific for that condition or purpose. Cellular Body Toning encompasses body/soul/spirit solutions. For some clients they may recommend relocating.  For other; they may suggest a change in career. A Kahuna has vision of a psychic. By observing all elements of you, Kahuna knows the impact that has on your life.

Long sessions of Kahuna massage would often last at least two weeks was primarily for leaders of community and those surrounding the leader, the massage provided to the leaders of the land who were the protectors of the environment and its people.

Kahuna took them to altered states of consciousness where they could see what the average person could not see. Read What is Kahuna. The average person in the village also received Kahuna as part of initiation, this also helped to draw out some incredible talent that the average villager would not have known was within them, then they may be offered apprenticeship within the field of talent.

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“Imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace. A smorgasbord of emotions had welled up from within me and I had permission to release it and with it, more

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