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Overcoming Relationship Plateau Dangers.

You, who want progress in life and relationships; do not wish to repeat what you have had before.

Continuing to repeat same experiences on same level over and over again puts life and body into stalemate. Plateauing in life is for the average person. Advanced Kahuna will ensure you progress in your awareness and direction in life.

Without guidance your mind and body will become scattered. New energies are like installing a new programme onto your computer

Each program has new elements or why would you stuff your computer with more programmes that do same as other programmes. Doing so would only slow down your computer. It is same with energies in you body. Anything new takes a moment at least to identify with.

This is a teaching, a guidance to your world within you that you have never had the opportunity to explore let alone bring to life here in this lifetime. 

These videos gives you some insight to what you may experience and the guidance you will receive during your appointment. Do watch each of them, they are here to prepare you for your appointment.

These days there is a flood of so called Kahuna therapists who have just taken a token one day course (yes one day I know that for a fact). To become a true Kahuna it takes decades of dedication. I love depth of experience and knowing. this is for your if that is what you appreciate and seek as your only option.

Like any teaching or exercise, there is an ordered approach and respect for depth. Most people know a lot of broad (general) information in that but there is no depth. To begin to connect to the depth of you, first we establish a rhythm you can identify and truly feel not just imagine. These must be new feelings or there is no expansion. (more to be added soon).

KALAHNEYHUNA is for dedicated seeker  who seeks to unravel years and even lifetimes of persistent tension opening pathways to possibility for healthier happier patterns of expression.

"When everything matters and there is a great deal at stake this is when you are prepared to pay attention to your choices".



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“Imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace. A smorgasbord of emotions had welled up from within me and I had permission to release it and with it, more

-- TV producer

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