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About Your Appointment. 

Keeper of Balance

Your appointment begins by connecting you to all your SENSES. The defining aspect about your appointment here is focus on your body soul connection as your healing agency. Kahuna massage is intended to have you feeling more connected to that part of you that continues to elude you despite all the journeys you have taken so far.

Kahuna originated in Hawaii over 30,000 years ago.

During your appointment, my aim is to link your soul to your body as they are intended to be. First video is Kahuna massage in progress. Second video - a woman shares her experience of the healing she experienced.

What you need to know about your appointment.

Bringing awareness to your soul. 

is that we work with connecting you with the presence of your soul. Imagine all these dolls represent a part of you that have been separated.

Each doll has it's own soul. It's own consciousness in relation to the position it holds in your body mind and emotion. You cannot take one away without affecting the entire family of dolls.About your appointmentIn Kahuna tradition you have multiple bodies.

  • Like the Russian doll, babushka.

  • That's them on your right.

  • One doll fits into another doll, then another, then another.

  • Where people have been suppressed. That is in every culture and tradition. Hidden messages are in their art.

  • It's code for hidden truth beneath the surface.

  • Like in computer program you have code in the background.

  • Life and body are the same.

If you listen and look beyond the vision of your eyes you will see what you have not seen before.

This appointment is personalised to meet your immediate and future needs. The bridge between where you are now and where you thought you want to be. Your true path opens up to you. 

Everyone has the ability to feel these primal feelings within the first appointment.

Preparation by thorough education is the key to opening up to inner connection.

Keeper of Balance

  • You feel that you have the energy to do whatever you need .  
  • Your place in life is clear, easy.   
  • Surrender to inner peace here today. 
  • Supportive level of Kahuna.    
  • Immensely supportive level of Kahuna massage for Elite sporting identities. 
  • Kahuna relieves built up tension that can often lead to depression or inappropriate behavior. 

Many with public profiles protect their career with regular appointments with Kalahney.

  • Interstate residents regularly take a quick flight for a half day or full day for lifestyle management benefits.   

Primal body vibrations

Keeper of Balance

The natives of all cultures used to lead profound ceremonies that involved primal body vibrations.

Keeper of Balance

The lymph system requires physical movement.

The lymph system requires physical movement to pump toxins to maintain health, so in the Kahuna massage the Kahuna Master is also a recipient of the therapy during the giving of it, whereas in regular massage the therapist is exhausted after providing a few massages.* A highly adept Kahuna at the end providing the therapy is far more energised and filled with wellbeing than at the beginning.  



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“Imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace. A smorgasbord of emotions had welled up from within me and I had permission to release it and with it, more

-- TV producer

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