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Natural Law

When we follow the natural law; it is the clearest path to enlightenment. This is reality based wisdom training. It is about absolute experience. Through these first hand experiences you experience the seamlessness of life. How everything fits to make the whole. When you engage in flow of natural law; truth is self evident. It is absolute common sense when all your personal systems are available to see, feel and the clearest expression of natural law.

It is not based on faith or belief system. It is grounded fully embodied experience of divinity alive here on earth. Natural law is absolutely and clearly a common sense system. It does require a self aware person to recognise it.

Let's get real and study the magic ancient cultures embodied. For years they have been buried by Natural Lawunconsciousness of culture and true magic of living fully.

When time stops you are in another dimension you are in flow with your inner nature.

One of my teachers in this video (Doctor of body regeneration, a true master Professor Doctor John Whitman Ray). He trained with three remarkable original Kahuna masters. 

A true Kahuna is filled with wisdom of natural law that lives inside each and everyone of us.

A true Kahuna connects you with the inner wisdom that is within you. You recognise what you know and grow that knowledge.

He shares a story of one of the challenges that a true Kahuna trainee faces as a passage of rites. Many unaware therapists these days claim to do Kahuna massage.



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“Imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace. A smorgasbord of emotions had welled up from within me and I had permission to release it and with it, more

-- TV producer

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