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Soul Journey

Our Soul Journey comes into this lifetime to live the life that it could not live in the past. For some it is to help guide the world to pay attention to how they are affecting their environment. Through your Soul Journey training it is intended to clearly identify for you where you are in this journey in this lifetime.

During periods of stress or conditions of abuse whether in childhood or now, the soul retracts its energy from the body. Soul leaves the body during time of stress or when it senses any form of disaster.

  • In this therapy, I'll train you to refocus, so your soul remains with your body.
  • So it does not abandon you in times of need. 
  • This planet went through massive destruction that affected every soul on the planet.
  • This reaction pattern is embedded in deepest compartments of our consciousness.
  • The soul journey continues to react by retreating.

Soul needs to be reminded that it is part of the journey here and it's role in this life.

When soul is fully integrated, our view on life and responses change as our frequency Soul Journey Healingchanges.

As we come to experience challenges we begin to explore solutions beyond what is restricting us. We seek connection to the dream we had when we entered this body and when we chose our current partner. We wanted to have a great job where we turn up doing things we love. As we observe the world around us we tend to take on what is promised truth that the world presents to us. Often that is the opposite of what we dreamed out life to be.


This is when we begin to seek deeper into purpose of our soul journey and meaning to our very existence.

Interests and distractions such as massage, outings, movies, sport are often expressions of seeking to escape compounds life disappointment and Soul journey expression. These events can stop being distractions and become vehicles to deeper understanding of life and joy.

We are here to live our life fully aware.

By receiving initial Kahuna massage your begin the journey of expression of every emotion purely.

This means emotions are not directed to another person. To have soul journey trust you here on earth, you need to create a space of that this presence is welcomed and acknowledged.

Replacing this immature reaction by combining with specific universal energies are transmuted into self empowerment.  

This effectively opens us to new dimensions of ourselves creating understanding of our place in this lifetime.

 Stefan talks about energy of the living relatives that enter the room during the session   

Understanding the Soul Journey & the burden of carrying past unfulfilled experiences.

How unfulfilled impact your life on every level.

When we carry the burden of past unfulfilled experiences.

When we don't understand the meaning of our feelings.

Our body caries pain, anxiety, despair, memories of past physical, mental and emotional injuries. 


Soul Journey

Our Soul Journeybody and our senses remember times of discomfort of emotional experiences that we did not understand at the time of the event.

Because it did not understand how to deal with that event or tragedy or pain; the soul left that part of the body. 

  • Your soul is here to learn as well as contribute.  
  • When we don't understand feelings, they are put back into the Soul.  
  • We were born to complete the journey we did not travel in our past lifetimes.  
  • To truly explore our life here on earth, we need to combine powerful positive emotions into every aspect of our life.  
  • Deepen understanding of events.


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