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Benefits of Kahuna Massage


Benefits for your body mind and spirit of Kahuna massage at this level.Benefits of Kahuna Massage.

Our body is just like a computer clean up, or virus check up. When the computer slows down you know something is not right.

  • You need to defrag and delete useless files. 
  • A skilled IT person will clean the hard drive of any invaders. 
  • That expert will set up your computer to work efficiently. 

Kahuna is that level of expert.

Kahuna identifies the perpetrators of mind and actions that interfere with your life.  Most of all it's vital that you want to see the truth of what you are creating in your life.  What aspects to strengthen.  What to delete/trash.  What you need to do is to install new personal program to get the desired results in your life. This occurs mostly simultaneously. There cannot be a gap between the clean out the reinstall of you. When this level of connection is reached the change happens instantly.

This is depths of benefits of Kahuna Massage. 

This cannot happen in just any massage that uses the label Kahuna.  Some people (very few) can get an original.  Most people "You" can visit and original Michael Angelo.  When you are in the room of the original and appreciate it for being original, something stirs within you.  You know the level of commitment this man had to his art. 

The level of study of the human body he undertook.

Original Kahuna Teacher/therapist who is unique in his/her knowledge of him/herself represents art of Kahuna. When you are in the presence of a person who is an original not a copy of someone else.  This influences your appreciation of recognising and living your original self.  Journey of becoming original self is the healing process. 

After the clean up the normal functions return and using your computer is easier and faster.

Then to boost its performance we can install more programmes and functions that make using our computer a pleasure. The challenge is to have your computer technician install and activate tBenefits of Kahuna Massagehe programmes. Not just leave it at install. They also need to check and check again ensuring the programme installed correctly.  

Often we have work done only to find, when we use the car or computer etc, it does not perform.  

Why? Because the service provider did not pay attention and check that the install works and other programmes are not interfering with it's performance.  Our understanding of life is the same.  Conflicting information interferes with our change in behaviour and life fulfillment. 

BENEFITS of KAHUNA MASSAGE are as varied as life itself.

Because it takes in the whole person. When the entire being is affected; this promotes circulation, immune response, and glowing skin. Skin detox for face & body promotes anti ageing (this is a specific level of Kahuna massage). Kahuna massage - Supports nutrition, digestion and waste removal. Reduces stress, anxiety, fear, worry, sadness. Brings about good night sleep. Supports you in let go of old patterns that trap emotions in your body. 

 Kahuna Massage affects physical through the spiritual energies.

Additional Benefits of Kahuna massage.

  • All stress begins to release. Aches and pains either disappear or reduce greatly. Sounder sleep. Profound relaxation, often resulting in more energy. Speeds up bodies repair, toning and relaxing muscles. Ease stiffness, as tension begins to release the toxins that have been trapped in the memory or the cells of the body. Improves nourishment to the skin.  Addresses old injuries and surgery that often hold onto the memory of the event  

Self maintenance is essential for sustained benefits of Kahuna massage. Particularly, when making major changes in your life. During Injuries or stresses. Relationship stress. Work and business stress or when you just feel the need to reconnect with your inner being.  Body shaping, to move excess fluid.  Weight loss to assist in elasticity of the cell of the body.  When there is a build up or tress or calcium deposits. Pre or Post surgery. 

Every single cell responds to the benefits of Kahuna massage. Each cell is encoded with everybody else's programming. The whole purpose of therapy is to remove these external programs. The benefits of Kahuna massage show up as you permit the cells to do their own cleansing.

All this can only work when you are working with the spirits of the organs of your body. Every organ of your body has it's own spirit and soul. These are some of the benefits of incarnating on earth. The body takes on the relating spirit elements associated of each physical aspect that make up your body. They are considered to be your family.

Addressing all aspects of your life and your body simultaneously.

Everything about you is in the one body the one being and the one life. If we just do one aspect of you; that part of you is happy. But it still remains separate from the of your life. Everyone has a number of Challenges. Working with them one by one confuses your life. If a professional can't put it collectively in the session, how can you do that when you return back to your life after the session.

Life can be extremely complex when operating without connection to your soul.

A list of just some of the challenges regular people face daily.
  • personal relationship. 
  • Intimacy. 
  • Anxiety. 
  • Business. 
  • PTSD. 
  • Sexual abuse. 
  • Business principals. 
  • Ageing. 
  • Injuries. 
  • Career. 
  • Music. 
  • Dance. 
  • Spirit. 
  • Death of a loved one. 
  • Spiritual answers. 
  • If you are a singer or a dancer; your body is your business. 
  • People in the public eye; ensuring appropriate presence. 
  • Stress management. 
  • Depression. 
  • Love or lack of it. 
  • Your spiritual journey. 

Make a list of your challenges and desires and wins. From that place we grow and live a fulfilling life.


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