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Self Love helps you get through stuckness. 

  • Self love is concept of being happy with your choices in life. 
  • Love relationships and business.
  • Until we can love ourselves we are incapable of loving another.

Self love is ability to fully experience difficult times and good times. 

How we move through these times is where self love shines.

  • Kahuna living is concept of living without limits.
  • Experience true feeling.

Beyond just get out of a feeling considered to be unpleasant. Avoiding unpleasant feelings is a magnet that brings that feeling back to be faced again someday. 

  • Receive wisdom of what it is you are feeling "good or bad" and live it fully.

This is where we grow. Life loves growth that is filled with compassion. We can only have compassion for another when we can truly feel self love for ourselves.

Specific Rituals Remove Unwanted Unseen Energies that Affect your well-being.

Self Love attracts your soul energy back to your body. Whenever you allowed yourself to permit unpleasant situations to persist. That created a void in your body. Part of your soul broke away.

Every time you move house, part of you remains back there. There is a process that you need to do to ensure that part of your is not left behind.

In Self Love therapy, we call back that part of you that is left abandoned. This Self Love Therapy becomes the glue that brings family together. You and your partner would feel that something is missing every time you move. Your children and extended members of your family are also affected.

In Self Love therapy and training you are trained in the tools that bring the family closer. This is empowerment training.


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