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Self Knowledge and Journey of Self Knowledge.

Whenever there is conflict, the greatest conflict is within. Transformation begins without thinking about change. Getting out of our minds is our first step to self knowledge. Self knowledge becomes inner knowing of all universe. Detailed version of the experiment is here. Self judgement disappears. When we stop judging ourselves, we cease judging others. A skillful Kahuna's mission is to bring vibrant harmony into our lives.

  • You feel that you have the energy to do whatever you need.  
  • Your place in life is clear, easy.   
  • Connect to inner peace as result of bringing in past memory to blend with all the body.  

Self Knowledge and Journey of Self Knowledge.

Our lives are better explained by this study.

Now what does a caterpillar have to do with our life? Caterpillar is equivalent to the womb. your life in the womb is like the lifecycle of caterpillar. During your session we bring feelings and truth together so the backend of your memory is not running separately. when it runs separately that creates conflict in life due to conflicting memories that do not seem to make any sense in your relationships in life. Here are the findings.

In March 2008 a study by Georgetown University found what the Taoists, Tantra Masters, Kahuna’s and Ayurvedic therapists/consultants have always known for thousands of years.

Caterpillars retained their memories throughout their transition to moth or butterfly. Moth or butterfly remember what plant they fed of as a caterpillar. Therefore they know where to lay their eggs for the next generation.

It's the same with humans.  Self knowledge or self identity begins from the time in the womb. That also brings knowledge from other dimensions just like the caterpillar. News scientist has update here Original detailed version by Martha Weiss of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, in the US of the experiment is here.

The study is quoted here word for word.

"Scientists at Georgetown University recently discovered, that, a moth, can remember what it learned as a caterpillar. The Georgetown researchers found that tobacco hornworm caterpillars could be trained to avoid particular odours' delivered in association with a mild shock. When adult moths emerged from the pupae of trained caterpillars, they also avoided the odour's, showing that they retained their larval memory."

"The Georgetown University study is the first to demonstrate conclusively that associative memory can survive metamorphosis - a process that basically liquefies the brain."     (this page is no longer on their website, it now has redirection to jurnals as complete research paper.)

 Self knowledge is foundation of all your relationships. Lets get started on bringing these elements together. When linked, relationships to actions and thoughts are clear.


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