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Kahuna Trainee

Now available to all professions, contact us for next Training event.

A trainee in Kahuna Sciences was selected by their natural aptitude.

Kahuna TraineeKahuna Trainee is first accessed for their suitability as they were by Kahuna masters of the past. Kahuna trainee shall discover their hidden abilities not just creating themselves a job.

Potential students were tested thoroughly or the student would be dismissed.

We intend to maintain the integrity of sourcing appropriate Kahuna trainee. Kahuna trainee is assessed for their suitability. The world has enough new age people adding a Kahuna technique to their accreditation list. These days a generic Kahuna therapist has lost all respect by the general public. No one respects the depths of tests real Kahuna are exposed to.

We bring back the truth of the range of Kahuna experts. Here, You'll be trained to pay attention to where your receiver is holding his/her energy.

Kahuna Trainee shall discover their hidden abilities rather than just teach the Kahuna Massage. Kahuna Trainee did learn to give and receive Kahuna massage as part of his or her training to help them identify the link between body and soul.


As a Kahuna Trainee, you'll have broad and deep training to ensureKahuna Trainee there are no blind spots in your focus. As a Kahuna Trainee, you'll be capable of linking your other definable skills. The point of this is to ensure you can support your client in understanding the energies that shall come up regardless of whether you are communication with them on purely a business level or relationship association level. Your knowledge of your other skills will serve as a link to creating supportive awareness to your student or lover or business partner.

Feel where it is stuck and contain yourself. While observing, you'll guide your receiver to remain connected to what is going on in that moment. You shall learn how to hold the space for yourself and for the receiver.


As shown in this video.

You'll learn to raise your standards by questioning all established beliefs. 

Kahuna TraineeAcceptance to becoming a Kahuna trainee is based on your intention and your desire to see you for who you really are beneath your words.
Only the most dedicated students are accepted. How to apply; first have an appointment with Kalahney and experience a full session. Your application shall be assessed by your desire to fully participate in your personalised healing. During your session you shall be guided to receive. This shall demonstrate your commitment to your own personal soul journey. Then we'll determine what area of Kahuna mastery you are best suited. Remember Kahuna is not just massage therapy. It is about mastery of the elements. 

These days a class of strangers come together for a few days. Learn a few techniques. Then go off with a certificate of completion of a number of hours. That represents brief introduction into Kahuna. Barely touching on even limited foundation of the meaning of what it means to be a Kahuna.

Unfortunately most students use the technique inappropriately. They often offer it on just a sensual level. This completely discredits every Kahuna provider. Disregard and disrespect is prolific in every profession. Here we begin by establishing absolute regard for each other.

Hawaiian's value connection to all elements as spirit.

Spirit is god of that element, whether it be a human, a flower, a bee, the air, the mountain, the volcano. It is everything we eat, drink breather. All around us is spirit.

This is what Kahuna training is founded upon. It is the relationship among all these elements. These days, the computer is also a spirit. The words we speak and words we write send frequencies to the listener, to the reader. These convey the essence.

Kahuna TraineeUnlike most Kahuna training where anyone can turn up to a class then call themselves a Kahuna, we aim to begin with quality applicants.
Within every skill is spirit of mastery. 

Confusion in today's times.

Training was not provided to the incompetent candidates. Sadly, these days in most Kahuna training anyone can turn up to a class then call themselves a Kahuna.

As a result of this, the general public remains in the dark and often manipulated, leaving the receiver even more deluded.

Why is this included? Because people who just call without reading about Kahuna, are quick to say, "I've had Kahuna massage, I know what it is, where are you?"

Kahuna Trainee opportunities are now open; help usspread the knowledge of connection cooperation & collaboration. To begin your training contact us now.

Respect morality and absolute regard for the moment is Kahuna Science.


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