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Expectation of Kahuna beyond massage technique.

Expectation of Kahuna beyond massage techniqueKahuna have ability to identify the missing elements, recommend a solution and or an expert in another field who would assist in making a persons life complete.

Kahuna have the capability of guiding you through your connection to changes occurring within your body during your session. This ensures you are a conscious participant in your healing. This is followed by instruction of how to translate these solutions into your life.

Because all ancient therapies have been trashed - this video is a must see for anyone contemplating Kahuna therapies from anyone.

  • Being educated about what Kahuna is and what isn't is wisdom. 
  • On this page are four masters within this video. 
  • In the beginning are three clients talking about what they felt.  

Kahuna were tested in the ocean with sharks. Kahuna Training expectation was to develop actual affinity with nature.

In their training Kahuna formed an intimate relationship with sharks. Therefore the shark would not eat the human. We are ensuring you read this website from a deeper perspective than generic mechanical training's. We want you to connect to deeper expectation yet let go of expectation. this is the art of allowing healing energies to enter your body. With this level awareness your Kahuna touches you even when not touching you.

Kahuna masters worked with subtle energies that are behind every movement in nature including human. We encourage you to appreciate deeper expectation.

Kahuna will only be valued by those who want to dramatically improve their life and admit that something needs to change for life to be better.

Kahuna is about mastering every aspect of life in collaboration with the entire environment. This includes every cell and emotion in the body connected in harmony as well as the entire universe.

Most people live a fractured life within their own body.

Your living body is a combination of many bodies, spirits and souls. Rarely in a lifetime does one have an opportunity to live as a complete being. All these your bodies are acting as if in a play written by someone else. All your bodies are acting independently, separately. You are not a complete being. None of your bodies are collaborating. They are reacting to every event according to programming.

This brings about disease and disappointments.

What we do here is bring your awareness to all of you and how these aspects are playing out in your life.

It is essential to bring your inner world and outer world together. Awareness training explained here as a participant describes his progress. To help you understand the depth of this website, we have put together content you rarely hear about Kahuna.

Here we intend to change your perception by preparing you for your personalised appointment. 

When you connect to the flow there are limitless Kahuna Master possibilitiesYou need a master to guide you back to your own wisdom or you can get lost in the new energies. To heal or progress in your life, new input is critical. Everybody can feel this level of acceptance. This is possible for you when you decide that marking time is over for you. 


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“Imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace. A smorgasbord of emotions had welled up from within me and I had permission to release it and with it, more

-- TV producer

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