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Kahuna Master. 

Last two decades - we only hear aboKahuna Master navigator of oceans ut Kahuna from the point of view of massage. The reality is that massage technique is just a minimum standard. Here we explore the depths a dedicated Kahuna Master attains .

Kahuna TraineeA Kahuna Master is one who can foresee the consequences of every action. Even when they speak with you over the phone.

Kahuna Master

We must say this at this point to define the scope of misinformation out there.

A true Kahuna master would not use Reiki as a tool in their Kahuna. Kahuna energy is far beyond anything Reiki can do. "those therapist that list Reiki as supplement to their so called Kahuna - have never really attained the Kahuna status. Accumulating many tools yet mastering none, is no measure of a great healer.

You'll find a Kahuna is in every field of exceptional expertise. Kahuna is a Hawaiian title given to a master professional (not to be confused with profession) in one or more chosen fields where they communicate with the unseen energies that an average person does not understand.

As an example;

  • Kahuna is keeper of sacred knowledge. As master teacher they specialise in more than one field. Kalahney is master of mo 

    Kahuna TraineeA Kahuna Master is the link between the seen 'the physical' and the unseen ' the elements that affect the physical'.

    Kahuna Master 

    re than one field of Kahuna.   
  • Kahuna Ha'i'olelo specialises in moving energy through sound. Speaking and chanting.  
  • Kahuna O'o specializes in surgery.   
  • Kahuna Lawai'a specializes in fishing.    
  • Kahuna Lomi lomi (the genuine lomilomi) is a spiritual form of bodywork that restores balance in the body. They assist the energy flow. You can hear people in the videos talking about their experience of feeling the energy flows.  
  • Kahuna Kalai specializes in carving and sculpture. Kahuna work with spirit. In this speciality the Kahuna listens to the spirit of the material that want to take form. The Kahuna listens to the spirit and follows the flow to the material. The sculpture then is living physical form of the spirit.  

The session is powerful and real. Personal approach ensures you are heard rather than just taken over. Empowerment is the foundation of this work.    

Acting as the intermediary between the high and the low, the Kahuna is the Navigator, the Healer, the Master Builder,

Kahuna TraineeKahuna Master always helps client with setting the foundation for the session.

Kahuna Master

the Architect, the Teacher, the Counsellor.  

In this Video we let you into the very depths of therapy.

Listen-in to how we set foundation to a very challenging session. Kahuna Master always helps client with setting the foundation. This is recorded live between myself and my client.

(Released with his permission; I dubbed his words so his healing can remain private due to the depth of work we are doing with him).


Kahuna TraineeKahuna Master is the Keeper of all things Sacred. Kahuna Master does not frivolously give out sacred secrets. What Kahuna master does is apply these secrets to every aspect of life.

Kahuna Master

Kahuna Master can be the Meteorologist (Weatherman), the  Geomancer, the Keeper of Genealogy, the Tactical Advisor, the Strategist, the Priest, Astronomer, Astrologer, Scientist, Psychic, and Divinatory.  The leaders of the community were massaged for many weeks at a time 24 hours a day.

An unskilled worker; received approximately 4 hours of Kahuna in their lifetime.

Why? Because Kahuna therapy had a life purpose. If the unskilled worker began to seek to expand their consciousness sincerely, they were provided with further therapy which is initiation and passage of rights that reveals deeper purpose to their lifetime.

When we lose connection.

Disconnected, we feel separate. Kahuna Master's position is to bring fractured elements together.

This separation affects our ability to be objective and compassionate. to ensure coherence and interdependence encompassing nature animals plants rocks water earth mountains trees air, everyone in the village received initiation by a Kahuna a healer.

Kahuna TraineePeople these days are stuck in their heads. Being in your head creates separation from our connection of our path.

Kahuna master builds a bridge between misplaced energies and physical aspects.

Then helps you to understand the language of your cells.

 Kahuna Master

When people are disconnected from any aspect of their being there is a disconnect and dissociation from their capacity to consciously progress spiritually.

Their initiation. 

The passage of rites intention was to better their position of responsibility and caring for themselves, the environment and the community.

Powerful Earth Energies.

These days we are more in the head than ever. Our technologies are all around us, forcing our entire being to be focused in the head. This creates separation from our connection of our path, when this occurs our relationship with our body seeks to be reestablished. The mental aspect is overdeveloped creating mental thinking dominance. This overshadows the physical mental and emotional aspects. They tend to over analyse. A Kahuna master may prescribe a retreat to nature. We have an example here in this video. This client was completely trapped in his head. Despite having spent time in nature; he was just using it. He was not aware that he was using it. 


Due to his disassociation he thought he was connected but in fact was far from it. Thinking that he was connected convinced him he was connected. When we went to the beach with guidelines of using awareness, this is his realisation. He speaks in this video.

Receive What you ask for. Your Kahuna master creates an environment of clear communication with his/her client.

Kahuna TraineeDifferent outcomes are foundation for healthy relationships.

 Kahuna Master emphasises new levels of quality of connections to relationships with everything and everyone in your life.
Kahuna Master

First you must know the consequences of what you ask for. Is what you are asking for a result of someone's suggestion? Then what you seek is not for you but for the person who suggested that. What is their agenda. Have they had deep experience that profoundly changed the course of their life? Had they had the courage to do all the research, they would not recommend a technique. They would speak purely about what that experience did for him/her and how that affected people around them. By learning to connect to the spirit of Love, Spirit of Aloha, the Breath of Life we ask for different things to have different outcomes. Different outcomes are foundation for healthy relationships. In Kahuna relationships with everything is emphasised.

Life is provocative.

It's important to be honest and seeing you as you really are.

Kahuna Master Brings to life what is important to you.

Kahuna TraineeAt the close of your session, you walk away with proven tools that you apply to your life. Kahuna Master

It's important that when your time with your professional is over that you walk away with proven tools that actually work in your life.   Many people have deep challenges that can set off explosions. These confuse you and the people around you.   We work on ensuring people around you begin to hear and see you.   Our greatest skill is bringing experts to collectively work together directly towards mutual success and empowerment in all areas of life.