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Keeper of Balance


A Kahuna is the Keeper of Balance. It is known iKeeper of Balancen the Kahuna world that poorly delivered knowledge and service is worse than useless. At best, it's dangerous in hands of one who is deluded enough to believe they know it all. 

While training with one of my Kahuna teachers.

One of the participants was a builder by trade. His participation in the massage was very basic as you would expect it to be, considering this was his first massage training of any kind.

He enjoyed the experience so much that he stated that he wished to leave his profession and become a Kahuna therapist.

He missed the point entirely.Keeper of Balance

Kahuna is about expanding your awareness, it takes 10 to 15 years to master anything, he already had many years in his profession.

Had he applied the principles of the course to his profession he would have become a Kahuna builder.

Kahuna Masters are very rare - when you do come across the you'll find them in Every Profession not just in massage.

We need more Kahuna in every field, whatever your profession you can become a Kahuna in that trade or business or even medicine. Please contact us how we can support you in that. The wisdom here is as we often hear—make the changes where you are first then change location or profession. In other words complete the life you have so you can move on using that as a foundation for expanding your awareness.

Kahuna Massage person is also one who has great experience in many aspects of life not just massage training.

Therefore as they massage they are fully aware of their every thought and move affect themselves and their client.

This concept surprises most if not all readers.

what is it you really want out of this experience

Kahuna is not necessarily (in fact not at all) a massage person, some were respected healers of disease, others were bone setters, and are (somewhat like chiropractors or Osteopath are today, but more holistic).

Others were builders of canoes or predictors of weather, navigators, some were deeply associated with healing plants; they were all intimately connected to their chosen trade.

The massage approach in the training is designed to shift any blockages (not just physical) that impact our lives, revealing our hidden talents therefore creating balance and in doing so, raising self esteem. This provides feelings of being valued by the community, this in itself is deeply healing.