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What Happens in Your appointment.


Identify your needs. Begin with honesty of where you are in your life. Once established, the therapy begins with guidance to linking to What Happens in Your appointmentyour achieving your goal. 

Establishing connection to earth energy is primary.

When you are grounded and more connected to your body. Identify to life as you want it to be for purpose to begin to make sense. 

Grounding is foundation. Till this is established we cannot move onto creating a framework. Just like building a house. First foundation needs to be laid. Then we do the frame. As the foundation, the frame and roof begin to come together, then it begins to be real. Then we fill in the walls. So like walls we fill in as connection to what has been eluding you. This then is the standard you maintain and continue to improve upon.

Disconnection comes from disassociation of your body, mind, emotion, soul and spirit.

Your soul shares pain and joy. The key is how you consolidate the two.

Most therapies want to identify the wrong. Separate it and fix it. This is a process of analysing that takes you away from your pain. Most cases separation is destructive. Other times it's essential. Mastery is the ability to know when and how to apply then at appropriate times and in what order. In the early stages sustained support is required. Much like rehab from injury or addiction.

Listen to this video as we investigate emotional release.

Consider your pain as a limb. A part of your body you really cannot do without. Say your arm is hurting.

Would you cut off your arm because it is in pain?

No you would not.

Similarly, we do not shut out your personal pain.

We embrace it and give it what it asks for. Your pain knows what it needs. There is an art to listening to that part of you that is in pain.

That part is trying to get your attention. It is telling you that you are disregarding some aspect of your life. There is an art of paying attention to pain and to pleasure. The key is to travel beyond both of them. This brings the two together resulting in solutions and joy of creating deep solutions that deep longings are expressing. Longing is often expressed by feelings of frustration and anxiety. Frustration of not getting what you came to explore about yourself in this lifetime.

But people have been conditioned to shut pain off by medication or manipulation. While that is a great temporary measure at some point we need to reconnect to that part of the body to be fully functional. This process merges the time gap. Bringing the experiences together. Like children fighting. Stop the fight of right and wrong. Work together towards common goal.

Same process with pain and joy of feeling whole and capable.

We know we are not just flesh and bones. There is that presence that makes this flesh a living being. Each person is disengaged in different aspects of self. Only when you feel whole can you begin to recognise you were fractured.

Our intention is to bring in new feelings you can continue to associate with on a daily basis.

Bringing about a harmonious change in your physical body, flowing through to your emotional mental spirit and psychological levels.

Affecting mental patterns.

When flow is experienced this is then recognised as preferred way of relating. This affects us by subtly changing our mental patterns spiritual and emotional and integrating them. 

Physically, your body shape may begin to change reflecting the inner healing in response to recognising destructive behavioural patterns.

You develop clarity of vision, life direction. More authentic open and positive attitude.

Connect with your higher self through dance, movements, breath work and meditation, develop awareness to your significance in life

Each Kahuna massage appointment experience is unique because every moment evolves revealing more of you. Kahuna bodywork is designed to support you indiscovering your personal power from within by connecting internal with external senses.

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