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Personal Development

Personal Development, It is not publicised that Kahuna massage is in actual fact; the highest level of personal development (purely throughPersonal Development accessing purpose that fills your emptiness).

No personal growth no Kahuna.

  • Kahuna was provided on a regular basis to village leaders, professionals, healers, seers to enhance their vision. 
  • It was not for the ordinary thinking person simply because it touches the elements beyond the five senses that the ordinary village member cannot handle. 

Average human these days is as vulnerable to misinformation as were the villages. The difference is that we have far more sophisticated way of reaching people on a mass level. Most of information average person receives is choreographed for dependency on mechanical robotic world. The moment you begin to spend quality time in nature you begin to make different decisions in life. New options are path to self empowerment.


That is why they took themselves to the Kahuna or the village healer.

They knew that the Kahuna is an advanced human being dedicated to observing every aspect of their universe. It is not publicised that Kahuna massage is just a small part of Kahuna training. Every elemPersonal Development ent of life in the universe is taken into account.

This positions Kahuna at the pinnacle of highest level of personal development.

It is intense training of awareness of the foundational element of the universe that begins with a ten year commitment.

Within you physical being are frameworks of three bodies. During awareness training the participant is made aware of these foundational bodies. Mostly through everyday living, these bodies become separated. The training begins with gaining understanding of these bodies. When your understanding

grows, communication within these bodies is activated. They begin collaborating. You become aware of your personal level of fragmentation you have been living in. As these three bodies merge; you are no longer fragmented.

This participant talks about his Personal development journey.

  • Life's secrets are revealed to you when you ask different questions.
  • Asking questions differently (not to be confused with different questions) and following through to the end is your power.
  • If the result has not changed - your have not asked a different question relative to you situation.
  • Every decision you make in your life influence everyone and every element of your life.
  • Your actions are result of decisions you make.
  • Decisions you make are result of thoughts in your head.
  • Your thoughts are affecting you and your entire environment including people and events.
  • Your words represent your actions.
  • When your actions appear to contradict your thoughts, check your ingredients.
  • You need new thoughts, new words and new elements to create the result you want.


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