Ancient Huna Principals Advanced Training and Private Therapies 






Kahuna Training for developing sensitivity and awareness.

Foundation Level.Kahuna foundational training for every profession

What you'll explore;

How to connect to your surroundings

  • How to read your own energies
    • How to touch before you even touch
  • How to approach your food
  • How to approach a plant
  • How to feel water
  • How these skills relate to personal relationships
  • How these skills relate to workplace environment
    • How this knowledge impacts your health and health of friends and family energetically on all levels of communication

This is a four hour foundational training.

Cost $POA.

Bring a note book and a list of life dreams you want to bring to life, and challenges you want to go beyond.

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Kahuna Training for every profession, private appointment and workshops.

Kahuna Training enhances your profession irrespective of your profession or life situation.

In This video Kalahney is speaking with a client. This was a result of a number of days of Kahuna Training for every profession.

His challenge was on a number of levels. Initially he called for physical therapy. Physical pain was predominant. Everything we do whether it is in business, in personal relationships or our body is result of spirit bodies within you that are distorted and no longer communicating with one another.

Kahuna TraineeKahuna training for every profession gets clear on the message your business and clients are generating. Then we determine applications for successful relationships in every aspect of your life.
Like husband and wife who share the same bed, same house but do not trust each other. They may have affairs. They may be talking to friends about their spouse. They may express anger. There may be explosive reactions. All this that is going on the outside. The same is going on within the body. Your body has male and female energies that are not linking. Your subtle body energies are sitting within you but not linking. Often what is keeping these elements apart is your activities on the outside. If you are in business, this disconnect may be coming from the disassociation you are active within in work situation. This is a critical area - most people work 8 - 10 hours per day. Ad to that the preparation for work. Ad travel, clothing, the vehicle you use to get there even if it is walking. All these aspects of your life are feeding into your internal system. This perpetuates fracturing of inner communication.

In one of his sessions we connected his body energy response to his business. Only then did his body allow itself to begin to receive healing. While there was an area he was ignoring in his business, his body was focussed on self defence. This created a barrier between Kalahney and him. Like electronic interference of your mobile device. Mobile interference makes it impossible for you to hear a conversation. This is what can be happening within your body.

You'll learn how to apply Kahuna principals in every area of your life.

What you'll learn.

The most important element of the training is about earth energies and how they affect our lives and our ability to be focused while remaining calm. We'll also address the impact Geopathic stress has on our relationships and our health.


Keep you, your family and your work colleagues safe.

When it's time to grow beyond the confined of limited interpretations of life, this qualifies your for Kahuna Training for every profession.

Learn how to ensure your environment is a safe working environment.

In the video - again you can see the impact Geopathic stress has on our nature and how that affects our relationships and our health.

Kahuna Training for every profession also involves balance of earth energies. Earth energies have a tendency to distort our well-being, paying attention to balance through Geomancy. This has been the foundation of Abrams teachings as part of dev eloping consciousness of our relationship to our planet and the universe.  

Kahuna Trainee We address the Limitations of your associates and your place in your business.

Awareness of deep quality relationships that need to be part of business is at the core of Kahuna training for every profession

Kalahney uses a system that works on balancing the earth energies that uses earth energies rather than manipulating the environment. In this video Kalahney talks with Damien as they walk through nature. Enquire about video screening of collaborative learning, book Kalahney for your next event business meeting or stress management support either privately or for your business or corporation.

Kalahney assists you in understanding living in harmony with nature and with people of diverse skills and interests.

How We Limit Ourselves.

Keeper of Balance

As a society people have a tendency to be around people with same attitudes skills and interests. This creates competition for morsels. Fighting for territory that is not even worth fighting for. The world of options is vast. Competition for limited opinions has created separation, anger, frustration, attitude of moderation, dependency and co-dependence.

Nature, when we truly connect with it and observe it is interdependent. All successful businesses use the nature principal without realising it. That is key to success in any enterprise. Kalahney speaks simply and candidly how we connect for a better now and the future. Unity is foundation of Kahuna and Kahuna living in Health Success Joy. Discover how Earth Energies impact in us in every area of our life including;

  • Relationships
  • Focus
  • Success
  • Communication
  • Health
  • Connection
  • Business
  • What to look out for
  • How to identify Geopathic Stress
  • What you can do about it
  • What signs you must not ignore 
In the video above, again you can see the impact Geopathic stress has on our nature and how that affects our relationships and our health.

  • Stress management.
  • how to take care of your family by using energetic awareness principals.
  • reprogram your body mind spirit for success and wellbeing.
  • connect deeper with your purpose.
  • become more attentive.
  • change energy of the room, your office your business.
  • Improve your health.
  • Stay focused.
  • and more.
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