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What is Kahuna

Keeper of Balance

Kahuna Training, workshops & Events; Shaman Healing - Hawaii wisdom for stress through ancient pathway accesing unexplored areas within Self; Superself, Lower Self, Middle Self. Understanding self by drawing on your own inherited knowledge own genetic wisdom can be life changing.

Understanding what is Kahuna comes from personal experience of unlimited vision.

In times before Kahuna was forbidden by missionaries; 'KahuHuna was never taught according to a "set program" as it is presented these days.'

Kahuna wisdom was considered very sacred ... to be shared very carefully, and to the right person at the right time in the right setting.


What is KahunaTo further you understanding of what is Kahuna you need to know it is not a weekend course that are popular throughout the world.
A true Kahuna is Self Made Master who "discovered the Science Behind Miracles" and followed through with unbroken action.

Kahuna is master of connection to universal spirit. There is a conspiracy and always has been. People are now taught a massage technique that has no relationship to actual Kahuna power. The deepest secrets take years of training in connection to spirits of nature. This nature is reflected within the human body and spirit. Kahuna is about connecting lower, middle and higher energies. These energies have specific functions here on earth. Deep within us is and even deeper pulse than the physical medicine and Chinese medicine rely upon. There is a pulse that even with the most advanced equipment is not detectable. When you connect with this pulse that is almost no pulse; new channels of inner communication begins. These frequencies are transferable. Some people begin to hear the language of their own cells. You cells are always communicating with your body, mind and emotions. The role of Kahuna Master is to help you link with these frequencies. You cells have messages specifically for you. This is not generic information. It is very specific application to your life.


What is KahunaDeepest secrets take years of training to their connection to spirits of nature.
Creation of Kahuna is founded on intention. Recognising what is Kahuna  comes systematic intentional living.  Thoughts affect you and people you think about immediately. You just are unaware of them. Thoughts and inappropriate words can be more toxic than any poison. Some you feel affects immediately. Others show up years or decades later; such as gallbladder problems, cancer, heart problems and even mental issues such as depression or ADD. The link between how we live and our relationships with our immediate environment. Over time people have forgotten the subtle energies that are integrative part of life. Beneath the surface; beneath the seen or the physical aspect of every living form is the frequencies they are exposed to. So too with humans. We are vibrational beings. To appreciate the concepts of what is Kahuna it's vital to restore connection to all elements that affect us and our inter-relationships.

Kahuna and the depths of Kahuna services are never ending. For every situation there is Kahuna who excels in that area.

  • Kahuna helps you to identify purpose of pending appointment and would assess your readiness to receive the real journey. 
  • Maslow came closest to describing a highly developed human. here is a link to two PDF's to prepare you to meet your higher self. Book 1 is short version from University of Brussels. Book 2 Maslow's book on "motivation and personality" .
  • What is Kahuna As we delve deeper into what is Kahuna. You begin to connect with unseen worlds. Our personal energies begin to reveal themselves to us. These worlds need to be respected and put to work.

    Everything wants to be useful. Everything feels valued and valuable when included.

    Kahuna recognises the spirit for example Kahuna Kalai specializes in sculpturing or carving by connecting with the raw material such as timber, clay or stone. This raw material has a spirit that wants to be shaped into form. Kahuna Kalai connects with this spirit thus working in harmony with the energy to create the sculpture or carving.
  • Another level of Kahuna master is specialising in delivering babies is Kahuna Ho'ohanau.
  • They work with the mother all the way through pregnancy ensuring the spirits of mother, baby, family and the home harmonised with the child in the womb and all through delivery and beyond.
  • Kahuna Hui was advisor to Chief.
  • As in everything there were the dark Kahuna as well who used their ability in order to manipulate. Sometimes these dark Kahuna work for the good. Only they have the ability to reach the dark side knowledge to be able to manipulate them for the good of humanity. Kahuna understand that life is about the dark and light.
  • There you have it. Kahuna as in everything in life must have more than one interpretation.
  • As Kahuna massages you, they are fully aware of their every move and affect it has on you. 

What is KahunaTo become a Kahuna was a rigorous process.

To earn the title Kahuna; the masters were tested through precarious situations. There was no mercy, just pure skill and absolute awareness.

Kahuna massage was a passage of rites that would for a leader or a villager with great responsibility.

Kahuna massage was received in a temple to live drumming for weeks at a time. 24/7.

 Below affectively defines Kahuna.

Presenting Kahuna attitude and services here at KalahneyHuna.

A Kahuna is a Hawaiian title given to a master professional in one or more chosen fields.Acting as the intermediary between the earth energies and spirit energies. Kahuna master receives knowledge directly from source energies they have mastered.

The Kahuna is the Navigator, the Healer, the Carpenter. The root word Kahuna means keeper or custodian of ancient knowledge.

Kahuna Is a person who possesses skills and expertise beyond the physical. A Kahuna is a highly respected master of their craft or skill.

They were the most elite and knowledgeable hierarchy of ancient Hawaiian society before they were thrown into forgetfulness.

Kahuna left signs and symbols that future Kahuna master could read signs in nature and humans if and when their lineage is broken as it was during the persecution of Kahuna upon arrival of the Christians who persecuted the ancient wisdom. Many Kahunas were killed, some made it into the mountains and forests. Kahuna wisdom was almost lost for a number of decades.

These people were masters - often in more than one skill.What is Kahuna?A Kahuna is a master in the following fields.


  • The Master Builder'    
  • the Architect. 
  • the Counsellor. 
  • the Keeper of things Sacred.    
  • the Meteorologist (Weatherman).    
  • the Geomancer 



  • the Keeper of Genealogy. 
  • the Tactical Advisor. 
  • the Strategist. 
  • the Priest. 
  • Astronomer. 
  • Astrologer. 
  • Scientist. 
  • Psychic.  
  • and Divinatory. more 

What is a Kahuna

The longer I live, the more I experience the expression and impacts that attitude has on life.

Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.

  • It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. 
  • It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. 
  • The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. 
  • We cannot change our past...
    we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.
    We cannot change the inevitable.
  • The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have,
    and that is our attitude.
  • I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me
    and 90%~of how I react to it.
  • And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes. -

-- -- by Charles R. Swindoll~ 

Kahuna Massage in its current form was developed by Abraham.

One of the rarest Kahuna training videos on You tube is of Abraham himself.

  • Abraham began to those outside of Hawaiian culture.  
  • Until then, only the brightest the most adaptable were selected to be students of this remarkable power, here we cover just the Kahuna massage.  
  • It was related to me, that when he began to teach, he found his students were totally unaware of the relationship of their spirit, body and soul let alone the earth and universal elements.  
  • The Kundalini was trapped - stalled really, the yin and yang are energies needed to me balanced. 
For that reason he developed the Kahuna rhythm of dance to assist in the movement of the energies of the client as well as the therapist, Kundalini affects our stress levels and wellbeing.

Kahuna massage was a passage of rites that would for a leader or a villager with great responsibility, received in a temple to live drumming.

  • This would continue 24/7 often for weeks.  
  • The purpose of this Kahuna was to turn the ideas and the energies that are freed up into action, a natural shift.  
  • redirecting the energies.  
  • Re-fresh,  

    What is Kahuna  A Kahuna carpenter would not just be an expert in building. A Kahuna carpenter would - by tuning into the timber; what it experienced as a tree and the tree's personal experience.

    Re-set, somewhat like performing a complete computer scan, virus removal, identifying the trogan horse. 
  • Or when the computer continues to crash sending it to a professional service center.  
Some examples of Kahuna’s that are not massage people.

As an example, A Kahuna carpenter would not just be an expert in building with timber, but would be able to know just by feeling the timber what the tree has seen during its lifetime as design accordingly... as this would influence the residents as the energy of that timber in our surrounds in turn affects us.

A Kahuna explores the pages of his/her life plan beyond the first paragraph of his/her book of life, and was privileged to experience the best of life’s luxuries as well. Fully appreciating all aspects of body, min,. Spirit emotion,


What is KahunaThis tree's experience determines it's use. Some will be used for fencing. The calm environment would be carved into a bed a rocking chair, baby's cradle.
pleasures and pain, famine and feast... after all they were leaders of the community who knowing the balance, never denied any aspect of life. When you are fully present regardless of circumstance, you continue to explore the pages of your life plan beyond the first paragraph.

While in training at one of the Kahuna courses, there was a particiKahuna is about expanding your awarenesspant was a builder by trade. His participation in the massage was very basic as this was the first time he tried massage of any kind. This man enjoyed the experience so much that he stated that he wished to leave his profession and become a Kahuna therapist. He missed the point.

Kahuna is about expanding your awareness, it takes 10 to 15 years to master anything this man already had many years in his profession. If he applied the principles of the course to his profession he would have become a Kahuna builder.

We need more Kahuna’s in every field!



What is KahunaKahuna were required to present themselves as role models within their community. Most overlooked aspect in most training is the family aspect of the humans envolved. Everything in you body is family.
Whatever your profession, you can become a Kahuna in that trade or business or professional endeavour. Please contact me to see how I can support you in bringing these principals to your business or workplace.

The wisdom here is as we often hear- make the changes where you are first, then change location or profession. In other words complete the life you have so you can move on using that as a foundation for expanding your awareness.

By definition, a Kahuna is an expert in their field. Kahuna were required to present themselves as role models within their community. Their solutions at all times included connection with the spirit world and the human world, they were the bridge between the two.

They were respected similarly as we regard doctors professors and other leaders of community.

Their behaviour was at all times one of regard for the entire village. welcome to the Kahuna story by one of the Ancient Kahuna Masters


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