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About Kahuna Massage When harmony is restored; stress and blockages disappear because separation is gone.


Kahuna massage is about unity. Division is created by fear of the unknown. Purpose of Kahuna is to heal division and fear by assisting you to reach altered states of consciousness.

We all search for meaning and a way to express meaning in life. It takes tremendous courage and integrity to be authentic. This Kahuna is unlike any other you have come across.

Everything seeks love even pain. Pain is a cry of separation. Kahuna is touch medicine. Kahuna believe - Everything you need for healing is within your own body wisdom.

The spirit flows naturally caressing every cell when the body feels whole. To support you in understanding the depth of Kahuna that is possible, watch as this man describes connecting his soul his body to life energy. For in-depth exploration and knowledge that has never been shared publicly until now watch this video. 

In this video a client describes his experience of spirit massaging him.

About Kahuna Massage  Life has many layers of challenges.

Creating order out of confusion requires skilled guidance.


This video gives you just a sample of the depths of human capabilities.

Every level of life demands a different version of you.

Find Kahuna in multiple areas of expertise. True Kahuna have ability to identify the missing elements and recommend a solution. Or they may recommend an expert in another field who would assist in making their clients life complete. True Kahuna have the capability of guiding you through your connection and bring unity within your body mind emotion soul mental and spirit energies. This requires skilled awakening.

In this video we have a delicate balance between physical and sprit energies. Unity of breath with perineum and chakras.

 When you are ready to explore support on this level, then KalahneyHuna is for you.

About Kahuna Massage Kahuna is meant to be a master at the highest level of awareness.

With deep sadness that allI see out there is new age people using the word Kahuna.


This is followed by instruction of how to translate these solutions into your life.  

Home of KahunaKahuna is supposed to be the highest level of awareness - yet with deep regret all I see out there is a nice massage. Advance training qualified a person the title of Kahuna. Kahuna training traditionally was longer than training in becoming a surgeon.Home of Kahuna

There are many types of Kahuna;

  • Kahuna of sacred Knowledge; keeper of secrets Origin. This Kahuna specialises in many fields of spiritual knowledge. 
  • Kahuna who can diagnose illnesses. 
  • Kahuna of delivering babies. 
  • Kahuna of restoring spiritual connections. 
  • Kahuna of reading ancestors messages by reading nature and observing it's behavior. 
  • Kahuna of spiritual bodywork.
  • Kahuna of restoring marital relations. 
  • Kahuna of family home environment. 
  • Kahuna master teacher of the Art of Self Realisation. 
  • These are just a few. 

This video gives you just a sample of the depths of human capabilities. Every level of life demands a different version of you.

Kahuna evolves with time. It is not abouHome of Kahunat doing the same thing for thousands of years.

In this video a client describes his experience of spirit massaging him.

Watch this video all the way through because Advanced level of Kahuna shifts consciousness.

  • About Kahuna MassageTwenty Year Shoulder Pain healed in One session.  
This video is just two minutes long - it's part of Full version here. 
This short video will begin to shift your expectations. This work opens you to your souls ability to be present with you as one. In this video the participant describes feelings of spirit as it moves his arm as the healing energy flows. Kahuna has been misinterpreted. Because the average person came across another style massage deciding that is all there is to Kahuna.