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Keeper of BalanceTotal relaxation, sounder sleep and boosted self-esteem

Every need and experience is different, there are no two people that are the same and perhaps even similar experience.

Below are just some examples—more to come as we have time.

Hawaiian culture had many gods. Thousands of gods and did India. What they were representing is that everything on this earth has it's own power to influence. Just like every plant has healing or damaging aspects, so do humans.

People you surround yourself with have these elements including therapists. In these videos we showcase both the dark and the light. 

Events can have permanent affect on your life. There are many ways we can turn that event to good use. Here we talk to a woman about the deep changes the session made.


Your treatment considerably relieved physical pain in Jennifer’s lower back and hip A sense of serenity and inner peace.


“imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace/ A smorgasbord of emotion had welled up within me and I had permission to release it and with it, my limitations from childhood beliefs and experiences—those same limitations that were preventing me from achieving success. In on session I was able to rid myself of the sabotaging mind-talk that had been preventing me in my quest for fulfilment and enlightenment”

-TV producer

I felt my whole self relax

"it felt like all the pain and anger deep inside me suddenly rushed to my shoulders, like metal filings being sucked towards a magnet. The physical pain which lasted less than a minute, was sharp and intense, then it seemed to jump out of my body. I felt my whole self relax because the deeper ,emotional pain had left me too.”
Advertising copywriter

Life training video conversations with a student.

 Total relaxation, sounder sleep and boosted self-esteem

My session helped me not just physical injuries and greater strength, but mentally with the feeling of total relaxation, sounder sleep and boosted self-esteem. I would recommend this massage to anyone.

- Professional ballet dancer, Sydney Dance Company

Steve below came to lose weight, he started on a programme and here is the result.

“I can’t remember being alive like this”

· Grey hair slowly disappearing, lost more stomach, in just one month and have lost two and half inches in the belt.

· Started losing age in face and body.

· In the same month 110kg to 88kg “Wow, How good is that!”

· Energy levels – better staying power – normal work done in less than half the time, & actually planning things to do

· Improved hearing and eyesight

· Hay fever gone

· 11.0.06 - My sore knee was getting better. Sore joints had almost corrected themselves. Energy levels and alertness is a lot better now.

Cesarean Scar Tissue

Where the cesarean scar tissue I could actually feel it moving. Below the scar I could feel the lumps that I was not even aware of ("they were there due to the cesarean scar separating the body this blocks the flow of energy lines the nadis and affects the base chakra" Kalahney).

I could then feel the channel opening and feel my breathing complete right from the perineum to all the way up.

I could hear my voice changing there was a letting go enjoyment & feeling of being very very safe.

Janine speaks here  

PS you may need to use a computer to hear these recordings.


 The Spirit came together

When you did my toes the energy moved to my right arm, with the next to it moved into my body & I could feel body mind spirit shifting merging. I felt we were exchanging energy. The body came together, I'm not used to being in my body. I'm actually in my body now



My Body Became Fluid Like Water

I trained with Bruce Lee, he said 'You have to become like water' he'd come over and tap you saying 'you are not flowing'. Here I felt my energy flow I have not felt that for a long long time.

I felt the energies within my body being fluid like water moving, I was no longer solid and stuck.
"Video version of this experience to be uploaded soon"




 Breathing with Mother Earth

I felt shifting a I fell into the energy of it I began liquid. The cells were vibrating & how I felt the cells - that they connected. That created that water effect more fluid. I think most people are vibrating fragmented they don't allow themselves to become fluid because of fear.

Breathing in Mother Earth

"Video version of this experience to be uploaded soon"



There is a lot of things we don't know

It feels like energies of the earth and other energies to help you like guides. That was wow

"Video version of this experience to be uploaded soon"  



David speaks about his experience. It is in two parts in the recording below.

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