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Relationship with your body, your partner, your business or work.Relationship with your body, your partner, your business or work.

These all have enormous impact on our lives and how we communicate our needs and desires.

My people come from all walks of life. This is probably what you seek as well, is meaning and how that links the life of spirit and purpose of living in this current body.

This video explores interdependence with white water kayaker and the ocean. This is part 1. Part 2 is the third video below.

Typically, I find that people who contact me are those who want to go deeper into their life purpose through total immersion.  

Deeper issues need to be accessed in a very safe environment and personal where you can travel on many other levels of your consciousness.

When Tragedy strikes through illness, injury, tragedy or family separation - our search for meaning begins.

This video is of a story of a woman's journey from wheel chair back to self mastery.

Life takes on new significance. Humans begin to search for deeper meaning realising that there is deeper expressions of life on this earth. Meaning and purpose gives us inner power. We are time travellers of many dimensions.

These dimensions are designed to come together simultaneously.

This is where we need to have someone who has travelled there many times over.

The audios below as well and the videos will describe what some of my client have felt, heard and seen in their sessions. All that is from within that is always playing in the background seeking to be heard. At the very core of every human and every relationship is the past present and future. Spirits of living people; your friends family and intimate loved ones are connected to you at all times. Listen to clients speak about their experiences; they are real.

You know how when you think of a particular person you have an emotional response either good or unpleasant; that's because you have called them into your presence and their soul is right there with you. You are affecting them and they are affecting you.

These days we seek rights of passage to honor these dimensions much the way people did thousands of years ago in order to stay connected to their soul their body and the soul and body of mother earth.

Humans have accepted stress and tension in mind and bodies as normal but that takes a heavy toll in form of illness and devastating diseases.

My intention is to help you connect to your body and soul so you walk and talk as body immersed in your soul. When you are coming from your center you feel your authentic self and  true intention of the world around you.

Like most people I've lost friends and family to cancer, many of my clients have had to deal with loss of those close to them. For some, the passing of people with whom there is unfinished business is even more devastating. I've made it my mission to seek preventative and/or supportive measures. Kahuna living and Kahuna massage meets these requirements.

In my experience, regardless of circumstances or conditions, when we stop even for a moment and be present and in the moment we can face almost anything.  It is that moment when we feel our soul and the soul of other.(This is not a promise of diagnosis or cure, it's when we gain clarity and purpose of any situation, life begins to make more sense. Stress is greatly reduced when we find purpose and acknowledgement.)

Please listen to clients as they describe spirit massaging them. In my search to help humans in these challenging times I've uncovered my ability to tune into my clients and students as spirit of my soul to their spirit of their soul coming together from the source. This has taken me over twenty years to cultivate, it was progressive; revealing one layer at a time.

Living as complete being fully present with your soul you discover true meaning of living on this planet. 
Join me as I speak with my clients on their spirit, soul embodiment experiences.
Body Soul Spirit Emotion & Mind Merge When Body Soul Spirit Emotion & Mind Merge, every area of our life is affected.

 Hearing healed     ready for all day session.  


Discover 6th sense beyond the physical body that's available to every human being. Listen to this man's experience of being massaged by vibrational essence from the source. 

Original Kahuna principals. This knowledge has never been shared on a Kahuna site anywhere in the world

Kahuna Massage therapy Australia Trainer/ therapist Kalahney dissolving stress & tension.

Authentic Cultural Kahuna Massage For Body Mind Connection.

Kahuna massage originated in Hawaii over 30,000 years ago.

My Kahuna name is Kalahney, the information you are about to receive has never been considered in the area of massage or  even Kahuna massage and training. Continue reading about me...

  •  Stefan talks about energy of the living relatives that enter the room during the session        

  Right Intention

Body Soul Spirit Emotion & Mind Merge.

  • Art of connection as higher frequency living skill.         Hailey and connection.  

Kahuna massage is intended to have you feeling more connected to the tender part of you.  Y0UR SPIRIT AND SOUL CONNECTION melts stress BRINGING YOU CLOSER TO THE LIFE YOU PREFER TO LIVE.

  •  Leg run over by a tractor     and importance of connection.
  •  Best Body     and more about the energy helpers during the session 
  •  at the time       
Inner Knowing touches that part of you through your soul your inner knowledge that you can trust.

Mistakes people make

Kahuna Bodywork is not to be mistaken with the massage marketed as Kahuna in many (not all but the majority) day spas, health retreats and private therapists.

Kahuna Massage 
  • Strengthens your body to meet demands of mental, emotional physical activity, athletics, and performing arts.  
  • Supports Creative thinking.  
  • Kahuna Massage is a dynamic form of massage originating from the ancient temples of Hawaii.  




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