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About Kahuna Massage.

About Kahuna Massage helps you reconnect with your body and life. It is right of passage

About Kahuna MassageIn this photo is one of the representations of physical and spirit body coming together. The merging of the seen with the unseen.

About Kahuna Massage. 

affecting every aspect of your being; Mentally, emotionally, spiritually. physically.Home of Kahuna Private massage appointments

Observer confined within lower dimensions cannot view higher dimensions. - Einstein. 

To know About Kahuna Massage; Listen to our clients speak of their experiences of higher dimensions.

This photo is of actual bodywork session. In this photo Kalahney is working wi th her clients energy body.

About Kahuna MassageAny deep change as blockages clear, new feeling surface. Guidance in integrating these feelings into your life is essential part of your Kahuna massage for lasting benefits.

About Kahuna Massage.

The physical body and the spirit bodies are moving and expressing together. 

This photo of actual therapy represents the convergence of spirit world with the human form.

 "In my experience, intention determines the quality of your personal adventure."

About Kahuna Massage from Kalahney perspective.

The only one way we can talk about Kahuna massage is what you get here. This work is not a reflection of the commercialized Kahuna. Other aspects aboutKahuna massage were explained here. Best part ofthe Kahuna Massage is that your body almost goes through a metamorphosis. Unrestrained you are guided to connect to feelings you are not familiar with. Any deep change where the blockages begin to clear is a new feeling. It's essential to integrate that feeling into your life or it will not last.

About Kahuna massage

Your aches and pains literally(at times) can be felt presenting themselves safely without judgement.

When your pain and resistance begin to surface without judgement a convergence occurs. This attracts healing spirits into your space.  People share their feelings in these videos.

First video above is a three minute version of fifteen minute video. Second video isthe full version. Client describes howspirit massaged him as he was guided by Kalahney to connect with the energy that is always with you. He describes how that spirit was actually moving his body physically. 

These spirits do the deeper work that physical massage cannot access. 
  • About Kahuna Massage  As your inner nature is allowed to be seen purely, any negative connotations we have about pain begin to flow out of the body mind and spirit.

    About Kahuna Massage. 

    Your pain has consciousness and spirit of it's origin (Video of this consciousness shift coming soon).

Want to Help? - if you have some video skills contact us so we can accelerate our uploads. This will help people in need of this knowledge. Your inner naturAbout Kahuna Massagee has been kept from you. You inner nature needs to connect through action - to the world around you. When it's allowedto show itself without judgement or analysis, it transforms into dance of joy. As your inner nature is allowed to be seen purely, the negative connotations we have about pain begin to flow out of the body mind and spirit. It is our relationship to the concept of pain that is the problem, not the pain itself. By being fully present supported by a person who has done this many times; can affect every area of your life. 

So What is it about Kahuna massage; is it just a massage person, is it just another style of massage? Here are some answers that'll make you question everything you have been conditioned to accept as finite.

Essence of EnergyTraditionally - The leaders of the community were massaged for many weeks at a time 24 hours a day. Unskilled worker received approximately 4 hours; as part of initiation in the passage of rites. This was to better their position of responsibility and caring for themselves and the community.

As your pain and resistance begin to surface without judgement, this attracts healing spirits into your space.


Kahuna Massage is a sacred massage that was performed in the Hawaiian Temples with the receiver on an altar. Surrounded by live drumming. Drumming carries a frequency that liberates the cells. With such a powerful ambience the receiver experienced primal profound awakening of deep feelings and connection to inner voice of wisdom that comes from the Superself aspect of inner being.

This video if you have not seen it yet helps you understand that all your emotions and feelings are a member of your family that you want to keep in the family. Not to banish it as a nuisance. Many new agetherapies focus  on emotional release. Again this video is vital to view many times to help break that conditioned expectation.

Rhythm of Music Embraces Flows Nourishes

In your appointment you are on a massage table to the sound of Hawaiian music that embraces you and flows through you nourishing each and every cell of your body. One of the key differences between a traditional Western massage and a Kahuna massage is that the massage strokes are continuous, flowing movements. Your are guidedto be


About Kahuna MassageYou are very likely to feel hands deep inside your body or in multiple areas on and around your body.

Some people receive instructions from the spirit world.

About Kahuna Massage.

involved in your healing connection process. Most distinctive aspect About Kahuna massage is that it's almost like a dance, a celebration. Celebration of all emotions being allowed to be felt as valuable members of the family. These emotions and feelings are valuable sensors that provide us with real interpretation of the environment around us.

During the massage when you allow yourself to follow the guidance of your Kahuna who's expertise is connection with spirits.

You are very likely to feel hands deep inside your body or in multiple areas on and around your body. Some people receive instructions from the spirit world. Understanding difference areas of expertise in Kahuna massage is essential. Every dedicated Kahuna has a particular area of life that is predominant. Some access more than one aspect of Kahuna wisdom. This level ofKahuna that the clients speak about is in the order of Ku who specialises in moving energy. These signals when you follow them lead you to appropriate action to the situation presented before you at this moment in you life. With practice, you become aware of changes in how you interpret the world around you. You become awareand able to follow through with fresh eyes, feelings, hearing and actions. 


About Kahuna MassageAs you begin to apply these recommendations; you become aware that

your resistance to life changes

no longer exits.

About Kahuna Massage.

Consciousness Removes Resistance Stress Discomfort & pain from the clients body.

The hula dance is the foundation of this level Kahuna massage. This flowing dance movement was created by Abraham when he began to introduce Kahuna to non Hawaiian's found thathis students were not connected to their bodies. A Kahuna is deeply grounded, it is from the earth that we become aware of our very nature. The massage strokesthemselves, are in a snake-like movement sliding up and down the entire body, occasionally massaging front and back of you simultaneously. That will change according to Kahuna's different capacity. Sometimes a Kahuna will recommend you to another Kahuna who has the additional capabilities that are required for your personal level of healing. Or they will recommend certain lifestyle changes. When you begin to apply these recommendations; your resistance to life no longer exits. This is avery conscious level of receiving massage. 

The massage works on many different layers of your being ness consciousness, spirit and soul levels. This results in balancing and merging of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

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