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  Published: 2010 
What is Kahuna Knowledge 

" "How do you recognise true Kahuna Knowledge" " 


Sacredness is calling many in their genuine search for their spiritual beginnings. To prepare you in understanding Kahuna, KalahneyHuna What is Kahuna Knowledgepresents a series of concepts you can begin at home right where you are.

  • Kahuna mastery was offered only to the brightest in the village.
  • Majority of training was non verbal, it was based on expanding the awareness of the student.
  • The students were selected from the brightest in the village and surrounds.
  • During the training; they were continually tested in nature.

What is Kahuna Knowledge? It's connection to universal energies we all have access to.

Kahuna is a genuine method of bringing balance love success to all relationships most importantly including the environment. This capacity is in every living being; yet it is buried beneath misinformation and miscommunication. It is protected from being accessed til you are prepared to care for it and regard it as living breathing being. If you really want to know what is Kahuna Knowledge, then the path will reveal itself to you by you opening portal to ancestral memory. All cultures at the very core believe in ancestral memory. That suggests that we all have within our cells; capacity to access this code through certain behavior patterns. Behavior patterns are referred to as rituals in ancient cultures. When you look as your behavior patterns you begin to realise they are a set of moves and patterns you repeat daily. Some are repeated many times a day while others less frequently. For example bathing, washing hair, exercise. While breathing is your pattern of bringing in air into you body that is actually absolutely unique to you. No one has your pattern of breathing just like no one has a fingerprint that is exactly like yours. These too are rituals. When you adjust your rituals; the way you see your world changes. At times so dramatically that you literally become another person. What I mean by that; you behavior changes. You preferences change. The way you interpret life changes. All this effortlessly. If you want to understand what is Kahuna Knowledge then it's best you find a different vantage point that gives you not only deeper perspective but opens gateways into seeing new realities.

Kahuna practiced Geomancy as part of the personal, and village healing.

Experts in Kahuna and related Sacred healing are keen to share their knowledge, some from the original conceptions.



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