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Kahuna Studies 

" "Initial Kahuna studies began at 3 years in duration, mostly non verbal. Then followed by seven years. Minimum of 10 years in totally" " 

By: Kalahney

Initial Kahuna studies were at least 3 years in duration, mostly non verbal. Actual teacher is nature itself. How you connect to nature is the difference. Nature has the power to let you live or die.

Training was on Relationship between man & Nature. Kahuna Studies

Kahuna Studies and Kahuna Knowledge.

Kahuna Studies involves you awareness of the frequencies you are resonating with. In my experience, intention determines your experience.

To access deeper understanding of principals of Kahuna knowledge it's essential you understand that it is secret.

Kahuna StudiesIf you read the secret to mastering Kahuna knowledge held sacred by mysterious shaman, you can be sure that it's just a grain of sand against the vastness of the universe. Otherwise it would not be secret knowledge. Just as you give a child a toy to play with. This toy may represent the truck or a bear. Because it is named truck or bear does not mean it's real. Also that does not mean the child can drive a real truck or live with a real bear. Therefore whatever secret you read about Kahuna Studies is only accessible with deep respect, particiption and absolute regard for every element of universe.
Being in harmony with reality is at the very core of Kahuna Studies and training.

Kahuna Studies

Food determines how you connect with your day and the energies of the day because the food apart from the nutritional value also comes from the energetic frequencies of the food. Chatter was discouraged and even forbidden while pure awareness began to flower. How food is approached and handled will represent your level connection to what is true. Food is nature therefore Kahuna studies extend to the energy of the food.

Moving as one (as family) is the key to Hawaiian living.
The Kahuna technique itself begins with the Kahuna masters ability to connect with their body.

The best part of the Kahuna Studies is that your body almost goes through a metamorphosis.

When you begin to see life as aspect of your entire existence, this allows you to notice things and events your wouldn't normally see. It's like having a high vantage point. You have unrestricted view, the secret is revealed in it's entirety. We believe what we believe, but at the deepest level we know if we are honest that our beliefs are based on a very controlled and managed point of view.


To begin to see reality you need to experience it in many different situations. When you do there is a deeper merging between your heart and your mind. This is the first aspect of harmony. This is the doorway to experiencing different dimensions of every reality. These different dimensions are part of the whole. The ability to see the invisible threads that link these reality is first level of Kahuna studies. Unrestrained; the blockages begin to clear. The aches and pains literally (at times) can be felt pouring out of the body mind and spirit. Kahuna Massage works on all these levels evolving both the give and receiver to greater awareness.

About Kundalini energy. It's all over the internet these days. It has lost the sacredness that must be honoured.

Kundalini is the uninterrupted flow of universal resonances throughout your body. From feeling separate to feeling deep connection to a specific part of Schumann resonance that you naturally are aligned to becomes your power point to your ongoing Kahuna studies. It is the way of wisdom that reveals the language of our cells and their communion with every element around you. This includes your choice of work, intimate partners and even your place of residence. How well you fit in that aspect of life is reflection of where you are resonating.

When this powerful energy is misused in a therapeutic sense, it becomes destructive.

Never ever confuse feeling vibration with a healing service. Everything in the universe is vibration. When out of harmony this vibration has the ability to cause disease. Other vibrations including some modern technology has the ability to heal. We access the vibrations without the aid of technology. This is organic access to the very core of universal energies. Know now that choice that comes with full knowing, now that you are aware of what that energy is.

My Kahuna name is Kalahney, the information you are about to receive shall affect you positively in every area of your life. Kahuna massage is intended to have you feeling more connected to that tender part of you that heals.

So What is Kahuna is it just a massage person, is it just another style of massage?

Massage is part of Kahuna studies. The purpose of Kahuna massage is to soften the barriers of all your separate bodies so they begin to collaborate and create new realities. Massage is just a small part of Kahuna studies. When these bodies are aligned, initially they need guidance. If it is just left as an experience then you a re likely to fall back into old patterns. Pretty soon you would be back to the old ways. We help bring the old reality together with new reality. This is a major skill on behalf of your Kahuna. Your Kahuna needs to have many life references to be able to assist everyone of his/her clients to live in authentic expression of who they are. Not a copy of some teachings. It is a major event in itself as that raises the receivers consciousness blend the a over with what is below. Merging of body mind Spirit Soul with universal knowledge It is an initiation a right of passage, connecting the earth energy with the sky. Leaders of the community were massaged for many weeks at a time 24 hours a day while an unskilled worker received for approximately 4 hours; as part of their initiation. For the leaders of community the Kahuna massage was their passage of rites so to better their position of responsibility and caring for themselves and their community.

Typically no Kahuna would work in a health spa, due to time constraints imposed on the therapist and the environment. Kahuna is beyond restraints imposed by time as the body mind and spirit unravel. There must be a private personal space for the person to reach their level of inner connection.

Kahuna massage. experience
Joseph Writes as we are leaving Namale

"To call what you do; Bodywork, is such a tragic understatement.
I have had massages and body work done all around the world and
What you did for me was pure magic.
At the risk of sounding too cosmic,
when I was on your table, I went to a place that was truly spiritual,
Your hands found my pain and relieved it instantly.
Please take care and continue your vital work."

-- --Joseph, Namale Resort, Savu Savu, Fiji 1994.

Sacred Connection. What is Kahuna Knowledge?

Here I want to introduce the reason behind the hula dance as the foundation of Kahuna massage we see today. This was created by Abraham. When he began to introduce Kahuna to non Hawaiian's; he found that his students were not in their bodies. A Kahuna is deeply grounded, it is from the earth that we become aware of our very nature. The dance style of Kahuna was designed to ensure the therapist was flowing and engaging with all the elements. This level of mastery is rarely seen in most Kahuna massage. For those who want to improve their flow; deeper level of Kahuna studies is essential or you would be just doing a fluffy verion of the most sacred work. Never degrade deeper essences of training.